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BrandBoss Creative is a boutique creative agency offering personalized marketing strategy, branding, consulting, and innovative solutions. 


Fundraising can be daunting. Asking people for money can be uncomfortable. As the Director of Marketing and Communications for a non-profit for several years, fundraising is my business. By integrating a fundraising plan tailored to your unique market, we will utilize a multi-channel approach that will prove to be effective. By designing a consistent and eye-catching art across your website, email marketing, social media, and other platforms, we are able to communicate the immediate need, and how financial help can make a tremendous impact. Analytics will allow us to focus on donor-driven behaviors and appeal to the right audiences.

BrandBoss will provide you with expertise on results-driven campaigns and donor acquisition. Strategizing campaigns and integrating multiple channels, your fundraising campaign will have extensive reach and execution. From annual report design to membership programs, we can implement a number of proven tactics. 

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